Does it make sense to buy Indoor Stretching Machines

Does it make sense to buy Indoor Stretching Machines

Buying a treadmill is easy. Think again. It could be one of the hardest decisions one must have taken. Professionals will say that they are functional and easy to use but that is when it is used correctly. Here is the catch. As treadmills are very expensive one must look for one that offers more and at a lesser price. Such a purchase would be a blessing in disguise.

A stretching machine indoor provides the only luxury of being able to exercise at home and in privacy. However, one does need a trainer when getting on to the stretching machine and to advice about the do’s and don’ts. In that case, the privacy part goes out of the window.

Coming to the point that does it make sense to buy an indoor stretching machine then the answer is a big NO.

The reasons are many and sensible too. I saw an advertisement that read like this. No equipment. No excuses. Still twenty exercises. I just told you about the sensible part. For this one must design a program that one can follow and not a machine that one has to follow.

Aerobic exercises are great for burning calories and trimming down the fat. For this one needs the large muscles to repeatedly contract and relax. Thus we have the outdoor exercises like running, walking, jogging and swimming. These exercises increase the heart rate thus allowing more oxygen to enter the muscles. These exercises are helpful and not at all a matter of risk. Most of the exercises revolve around the cardiovascular activities and help in lengthening the lifespan of the individual.

How much is too much: One can recommend a weekly exercise up to two and a half hours of moderate aerobic activity. However, as one is outside the house one can try a mix. This means that ten minutes of vigorous activity followed by twenty minutes of moderate aerobic activity. One can raise the bar for two and a half hours to five hours depending on the health of the individual. However, a minimum exercise should not be less than ten minutes.


Start, to begin with:

As far as fitness is concerned walking is the safest bet. It can easily be adjusted. Here it’s meant the duration of the walk. One must ensure that the walk does not increase the heart beat and should not jar the joints. If walking is the area of choice the following points need to be noted

  • Always select a good place to walk which is a safe and quiet area.
  • It is always good to buy a pair of shoes that are having flexible soles that cushion the feet.
  • Wear loose and light clothes and preferably light in color.
  • Always begin with a five minute warm-up. During cooling down one can do a bit of stretching.
  • Practice regularly so that all the muscles of the body get toned up. This should be done two or three times a week.

Get fit for free

The secret for getting fit for free is to be active always. That is why walking is in the top of the list of free fitness. One can just about walk anywhere and everywhere either to lose weight or to become healthier. Try to walk ten thousand steps a day which in turn will burn up four hundred calories.

Cycling to work is one of the easiest ways of remaining fit. It will save money on petrol and public transport. If one does not have a bike then one can easily hire one.

Stair climbing is good for those living in apartments or high-rise buildings. Try to avoid the lift as much as possible. Stair climbing burns more calories than jogging and it is good for the bones, the heart and weight management.

Skipping can be done anywhere as long as one has just a little place to practice in. An average person will burn up two hundred calories during a fifteen-minute skipping. As skipping is a strenuous exercise one must begin slowly. As the fitness improves one can increase the duration of skipping.

Hence it does not make sense buying indoor stretching machines for stretching exercises as the same can be done for free outside or at home.